Chapter 1. Middle Level Students: Who Are They? How Are They Different?
Chapter 2. Social Studies in the Middle Grades
Chapter 3. Teaching Middle Level Social Studies: The Basics
Chapter 4. Teaching Middle Level Social Studies: Advanced Strategies and Methods
Chapter 5. Planning Middle Level Social Studies Lessons and Units
Chapter 6. Assessment: Formal and Informal
Chapter 7. Best Practices for Teaching State History
Chapter 8. Best Practices for Teaching United States History
Chapter 9. Best Practices for Teaching Geography
Chapter 10. Incorporating Economics and Government in Middle Level Social Studies
Chapter 11. Building Literacy in Middle Level Social Studies
Chapter 12. Using Your Social Studies Textbook Effectively
Chapter 13: The Recent Past and New Directions in Social Studies
Chapter 14. Becoming a Social Studies Professional
Chapter 15. Concluding Remarks
Appendix A. Inquiry Based Lesson
Appendix B. State History Lesson
Appendix C. U.S. History Lesson
Appendix D. World Geography/Cultures Lesson
Appendix E. Economics and Government Lesson