Teaching Middle Level Social Studies: A Practical Guide for 4th - 8th Grades (© 2015)
by Scott L. Roberts
This book is a comprehensive and practical guide to teaching middle level social studies. A central message is that middle level students are just as capable as high school students when their learning is based on hands-on, progressive, reflective activities. The research-based strategies, methods, and lessons shared throughout the book were all successfully used in middle level social studies classes.

Special Features:

  • Hundreds of hyperlinks that will take you to thousands of lesson plans, state and national standards, and other multimedia tools that can be used in your classroom.
  • A list of website resources at the end of each chapter that offers more details about some of the links listed.
  • Individual, collaborative, and whole class activities that will help you develop a better understanding of the topics, lessons, and strategies discussed.
  • High quality lesson ideas and classroom tested teaching strategies embedded throughout the book.
  • Full color images of student work samples that will help you visualize the finished product that is being discussed.
  • An examination of state and national standards that will help guide you in your lesson planning.
What reviewers say...
"I am impressed with the scope of what Dr. Roberts covers in this book—he provides helpful background on a very broad range of topics and research relevant to middle level social studies. The numerous specific lesson/strategy ideas are also wonderful—I learned many creative new strategies from reading the book and know that pre-service teachers will appreciate the number and specificity of teaching ideas."
Dr. Hilary G. Conklin, DePaul University
"I appreciated the focus on middle grades social studies and the middle grades student. This separated the text from methods texts that largely disregard the middle grade student as those texts focus primarily on elementary and secondary students. I also appreciated the chapter focus on teaching state history, as this is a needed focus for middle grades."
Dr. Brandon Butler, Old Dominion University

About the Author
Scott L Roberts Dr. Scott L. Roberts received his Ph.D. in Middle Level Social Studies Education at the University of Georgia in 2009. Dr. Roberts currently serves as a Social Studies Program Specialist for the Gwinnett County School System where he is responsible for improving middle level social studies instruction. His numerous articles and presentations focus on helping teachers realize the characteristics and importance of effective, standards-based middle school social studies instruction.