Effective Elementary Social Studies  (© 2016)
by Thomas A. Lucey

Now newly updated for 2016, this 6th digital edition of Effective Elementary Social Studies  provides a comprehensive overview of social studies teaching methods and content for grades K-6.  All the content areas of social studies (history, government, geography, economics, psychology/social psychology, sociology, anthropology and selected fields of the humanities) are included in this uniquely engaging textbook.

Features of this book...
  • Active web links to new content standards, lesson plans, and exemplary resources for each chapter.
  • Balanced, up-to-date, and engaging presentations of special topics and methods including teaching for social justice, inquiry instruction, multicultural education, global education, character education, current events, and integrated instruction.
  • Contains many student learning aids (vignettes, discussion questions, lesson plans, and interactive exercises).
  • Includes an Instructor's Resource Manual that contains a sample syllabus, extended references and treatments of key topics, suggested classroom activities, handouts, and presentation PowerPoints.

About the Author

Dr. Thomas A. Lucey is an Associate Professor in the School of Teaching and Learning at Illinois State University, Normal, IL. Dr. Lucey has authored or co-authored over 40 articles and book chapters. His research interests relate to financial education and associated moral and social justice issues. He has also published about issues that relate to social studies teaching and learning, technology education, and curricular understandings and interpretations.